Pulaski Inn of Cudahy

3900 E. Pulaski Avenue

Cudahy, Wisconsin 53110

Contact Information

Phone: 414-481-3068

Fax: 414-481-1073

Email: info@pulaskiinn.com


"Can I bring in my own food?"

Pulaski Inn is a full service catering facility and does not allow food or alcohol to be brought in to the banquet rooms.

"What about a wedding cake?"

Specialty cakes and desserts are the only exception to the rule and are welcome.

"What are your prices?"

We do not include menu prices because they vary greatly based on day of week, time of event (this year vs future), type of service, and type of event.  Please know, most couples are able to host an elegant wedding dinner buffet for around $29 per person (including beverage, room charge, gratuity and tax ~ excludes alcohol).  Please give us a call and we'll fax or email a menu with prices appropriate for your event.